This image is of brain connectivity in a person who lacks a corpus callosum, the fibrous connection between the brain's two hemispheres, was produced by Caltech Brain Imaging Center researcher Michael Tyszka, professor Ralph Adolphs, and collaborators using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging.

Chen Institute Diversity & Inclusion Award Recipients

The Chen Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of the Chen Institute Diversity and Inclusion Award. Follow the link above to learn more about the exceptional awardees.

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The People Behind the Chen Institute

Thanks to the support of Chrissy Luo and Tianqiao Chen, the Chen Institute at Caltech brings together innovative and collaborative researchers who share the common goal of improving the well-being of humanity through the study of the brain.

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BrainWAVE Fellowship Program

The Chen Institute is delighted to announce the establishment of the BrainWAVE fellowship program. This program offers potential PhD students the opportunity to take part in a summer neuroscience research project at Caltech. Follow the link above for further information.

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Research News

Understanding the brain remains one of the great intellectual challenges for science, and it requires the integration of approaches from many disciplines.

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Study Neuroscience at Caltech

Caltech offers a number of neuroscience PhD options. Follow the link above to explore these options and find out why you should come to Caltech.

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Neuroscience Publications

Follow the link above to view the latest Caltech neuroscience publications