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Chen Institute Retreat 2019 - Posters

Thermal bioswitches for control of mammalian cells
Mohamad Abedi

Coding of intent in M1 and PPC: Array recordings in human clinical subjects for neural prosthetic applications
Tyson Aflalo

Spatiotemporal analysis of longitudinal spike recordings in human cortex

Luke Bashford

Kallisto bus enables fast and flexible processing of single cell RNA sequencing data and sample demultiplexing
Eduardo Da Veiga Beltrame

Discovery of a robust encoding scheme for delivering artificial sensory information directly to the brain

David Bjanes

A proposal to study the regulation of gut-brain communication during Caenorhabditis elegans dauer development
Mengyi Cao

Interneuron Control of C. elegans Developmental Decision-making

Cynthia Chai

Imitation and emulation during human observational learning
Caroline Charpentier

New Chemical Approaches for Studying Glycans and Proteins with Single-Cell Resolution
Katsuya Colon

Genetic Dissection of Mate Recognition in C. elegans
Chun-Hao Chen

Structural Studies of Adeno-Associated Virus Variants with Engineered Capsids that Cross Blood-Brain Barrier Efficiently
Xiaozhe Ding

Ultrasound imaging of gene expression in mammalian cells

Arash Farhadi

The dynamics of frustration
Bowen Fung

Neural Migration, Differentiation, and Stress Response Captured with Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Jase Gehring

Neuronal dynamics and functional resilience
Walter Gonzales

Deep Multi-state Dynamic Recurrent Neural Network with Scheduled Sampling: Theory and Application in Robust Brain Machine Interfaces
Benyamin Haghi

Mind Wandering in Sensory Cortices

Sean Hung

Neural circuits underlying sodium homeostasis

Sangjun Lee

Figure ground modulation in rodent visual system
Lu Liu

Combined soft and osseous tissue clearing for visualization and precise localization of in-situ optical implants, including 2-photon imaging registration.
Anat Kahan

Local Field Potentials in Human Anterior Insula Encode Risk and Risk Prediction Error
Vincent Man

A General Method for Amortizing Variational Filtering
Joe Marino

The evolutionary neurobiology of social and symbiotic behavior
David Miller

Genetically Encoded Biosensors for Opioids Nicotine
Anand Muthusamy

Glandular chemistry in the beetleĀ Sceptobius lativentrisĀ allow for intimate integration into ant colonies
Thomas Naragon

Functional Ultrasound Brain-Machine Interface: offline proof-of-concept in non-human primates
Sumner Norman

Preference-Based Thompson Sampling Reinforcement Learning

Ellen Novosellar

Serotonergic regulation of sleep
Grigorios Oikonomou

Functional annotation of molecular cell types in the mammalian thirst system
Allan-Herman Pool

Building a brain: layer by layer
Guruprasad Raghaven

Predicting learning performance in a brain-machine interface study with a tetraplegic human
Sofia Sakellaridi

Clues about the evolution of brains from immunology and robust control

Anish Sarma

Decoding Kinematics from Human Parietal Cortex using Neural Networks
Sahil Shah

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Intracortical Microelectrode Arrays after Five Years in Human Neocortex

Kellis Spencer

Mapping scRNA-seq data onto cell type taxonomies
Valentine Svensson

The Spatial Double Flash Illusion: Audition-Induced Spatial Displacement

Armand R. Tanguay, Jr.

Comprehensive neuronal mapping for various mechanosensation in the leech ganglion based on imaging of neuron potential
Yusuke Tomina

Chemical Initiation of an Interspecies Social Behavioral Program
Julian Wagner

A Pilot Study on Decision Making with Anxiety and Depression: Risk Aversion, Loss Aversion, and Ambiguity of Outcome Magnitude
Tomislav Zbozinek

Iterative Latent Strategy Inference During Learning with Automated Mice Training

Tony Zhang