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Chen Institute Retreat 2018 - Posters

List of presenters and titles.

Neural Circuits Underlying Fluid Homeostasis

Vineet Augustine and Sangjun Lee

Single-Unit Representation of Value in Observational Learning

Tomas Aquino

Discriminating and using somatosensory percepts in brain-machine tasks with a tetraplegic subject

Michelle Armenta Salas

A hierarchical shape network for general object recognition

Pinglei Bao

Mapping Human Primary Somatosensory Cortex with Intracortical Microsimulation for Brain-Machine Interface Applications

Luke Bashford

Augmented Sensory Perception from Multisensory Integration

Christopher Berger

Layered Architectures in Neural Systems

Natalie Bernat

Interneuron Control of C. elegans Developmental Decision-making

Cynthia Chai

Imitation and emulation during human observational learning

Caroline Charpentier

Near-Optimal Machine Teaching via Explanatory Teaching Sets

Yuxin Chen

Deep brain optical imaging of dorsal raphe dopamine neurons during appetitive and aversive conditioning

Ryan Cho

Forward estimation of movement state in the human posterior parietal cortex: A single neuron recording study with a tetraplegic participant

Vasileios Christopoulos

Novelty and uncertainty as separable exploratory drives

Jeffrey Cockburn

TRACT: genetic system for transsynaptic tracing

Aubrie De La Cruz

Developmental timing of PN axon invasion to KC dendrites in the Drosophila olfactory circuit

Annisa Dea

Engineering prokaryotic repressors for optical sensing of neurotransmitters

Xiaozhe Ding

Neural basis underlying appetite satiation

Haruka Ebisu

Neuronal dynamics of peformance monitoring in the human medial frontal cortex

Zhongzheng Fu

Slow, but not fast, escape decisions are swayed by trait anxiety

Bowen Fung

Single-Cell RNA-Seq from Large Experiments to Single Organisms

Jase Gehring

Engineering AAVs for Transplacental Transfer and Modulation of Embryonic Gene Expression

Nick Goeden

Resilience of neuronal dynamics in the hippocampus

Walter Gonzalez

Interactions between segmentation and object recognition

Janis Hesse

EGFR signaling is required for normal levels of vertebrate sleep

Andrew Hill

Wide Deployment of Massively Multiplexed Nanosystems for Brain Activity Mapping

Alice Hsu

Regulation of synapse development and perineuronal nets by chondroitin sulfation

Huiqian Huang

Sound-Shape Mapping Prior to Conscious Awareness

Shao-Min Hung

Chemical Tools for Understanding Neuroplasticity

Amelie Joffrin

Persistent neuronal activity motivating social behaviors in fruit flies

Yonil Jung

The Influence of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, a circadian pacemaker, on fertility and reproduction in female mice

Anat Kahan

Dissection of neural circuits underlying social behaviors

Tomomi Karigo

Population coding of social interactions in VMHvl

Ann Kennedy

Deep neural networks for sleep scoring

Jonathan Kenny

Antidepressant Concentrations of Ketamine Persistently Effect Synaptic Activity in Primary Hippocampal Cultures

Charlene Kim

Intrinsic connectivity of the human adult brain after removal of one hemisphere

Dorit Kliemann, etal.

Long distance navigation behaviors of Drosophila melanogaster in the field

Kate Leitch

Visual salience and strategic behavior in coordination games and hiders and seekers game

Xiaomin Li

Brain Network Imaging based on High-density EEG

Quanying Liu

Figure ground modulation in rodent visual system

Lu Liu

Functional ultrasound imaging of the brain

David Maresca

Iterative Inference Models

Joe Marino

Investigating Local Translation in Neurons using a Fluorescence Assay to Detect Ribosome Interactions with mRNA (FLARIM)

Sophie Miller

The integration of social decision making and theory of mind

Tanaz Molapour

Integrated Neurophotonics: Implantable Photonic Probes

Laurent Moreaux

Inside-Out Neuropharmacology by Microscopy of Fluorescent Biosensors

Anand Muthusamy

A system for high throughput olfactory conditioning

Thomas O'Connell

Serotonergic regulation of sleep

Grigorios Oikonomou

Lateralized brain function without a corpus callosum

Lynn Paul

Transcriptomic and functional dissection of cellular diversity in mammalian Lamina Terminalis.

Allan-Hermann Pool

Enhanced dopaminergic responses to visual stimuli in a mouse model Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1): A role for tectonigral circuits?

J. Elliott Robinson, MD/PhD

Why learning can be difficult? A brain-machine interface study in a human patient with tetraplegia

Sofia Sakellaridi

Control tradeoffs in the structure and dynamics of high-dimensional biological systems

Anish Sarma

Face coding in perirhinal face patch

Liang She

Neural correlates of interpersonal flow experience

Mohammad Shehata

Persistent influence of female flies on inter-male aggression

Yuelin Shi

Correlational Dueling Bandits with Application to Clinical Treatment in Large Decision Spaces

Yanan Sui

Cdk5 Activity is Dynamically Regulated by O-GlcNAc Glycosylation: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis

John Thompson

Whole-ganglion imaging of membrane potential in the medicinal leech using double-sided microscopy

Yusuke Tomina, PhD

A genetic screen for sleep regulating genes

Steven Tran

cGAL and split cGAL for precise transgene control in C. elegans

Han Wang

Phenotypic profiling of missense variants implicated in autism spectrum disorders

Wan-Rong Wong

A characterization of behavioral and neural patterns of social anxiety disorder during social interactions

Haiyan Wu

Did I decide? Did I act? Probing the moment of volition with transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Daw-An Wu

Group membership as a signal for trustworthiness

Fangyi Xu

genetic dissection of the mouse aggression circuit

Bin Yang

Imaging of third-order olfactory representations at cellular resolution in the fly brain

Remy Yang

Elucidating the Biophysical Mechanisms of Ultrasonic Neuromodulation

Sangjin Yoo

Mirroring the feeling of touch in the posterior parietal cortex of a paralyzed patient

Carey Zhang