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Social and Decision Neuroscience

Anastasia Buyalskaya Headshot

Anastasia Buyalskaya

Anastasia is interested in the neural basis behind economic decision making, particularly decisions involving risk and reward. Previous to starting her PhD at Caltech, Anastasia was Vice President of Behavioral Finance at BlackRock Asset Management, where she worked with professional investors and investment teams on improving their investment processes by applying learnings from behavioral finance. She holds a MSc from Imperial College London and a BA from Hunter College in New York.


Xinhong Chen Headshot

Xinhong Chen

Xinhong worked on the Genetic impact on Alzheimer's disease whilst at Tongji University, China. He spent his senior year at MIT working on alcohol addiction. He became an iGEMer in his freshmen year. Xinhong is passionate about the mystery underlying social interaction and the development of new research techniques.
Yuelin Shi Headshot

Yuelin Shi

Yuelin did her undergrad at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She had a year-long research experience at Yale University working on functional neural circuits in the mouse retina.
Wadia Varun Headshot

Varun Wadia

Vaurun was born and brought up in India until coming to the US in 2011 to attend Bowdoin College. After getting a BA in physics he worked for 2 years in Vikaas Sohal's lab at UCSF, studying mouse models of schizophrenia and autism using optogenetics and in vivo calcium imaging. At Caltech, he hopes to combine wet lab experiments with more computational techniques to either dissect the neural systems that are responsible for our visual perception, or improve our understanding of disease related neural degeneration.

Computation and Neural Systems

David Brown Headshot

David Brown

David graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science, David volunteered in different labs at Caltech working on projects that bridged neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Most recently, David took a position at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Artificial Intelligence group. In Caltech's Computation and Neural Systems program, David will be pursuing his passion for understanding how the brain works and how to replicate its functionality in software, with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases.
Jialiang Lu Headshot

Jialiang Lu

Jialiang was born and grew up in Wuhan, China. Funded by a full DAAD-scholarship from the German government, he received a bachelor and master's degree in Biology in Freiburg and Munich, respectively. He became interested in the mechanisms of brain activity and was attracted by the unique environment of Caltech. He is now a new graduate student in the Computation and Neural Systems Program, focusing on the encoding and processing of information in the brain.


Dylan Bannon Headshot

Dylan Bannon

Dylan completed his undergraduate degrees at MIT and holds Bachelors' in both Biology and Economics. Prior to joining the Biology graduate program, he worked in the Kennedy lab at Caltech.