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Chen Graduate Innovator Grant Awards

The Chen Center for Systems Neuroscience is very proud to announce this year's winners of the Chen Graduate Innovator Grant:

Wael N. El-Nachef, “Investigating Human Postnatal Enteric Neurogenesis by Radiocarbon Dating” (lab of Marianne Bronner)

Jonathan D. Kenny and Koichiro Kajikawa, “Neural circuit dynamics during general anesthesia” (lab of Thanos Siapas)

Kyu Hyun Lee, “Investigating the role of cerebellum in cognition” (lab of Markus Meister)

Guruprasad Raghavan and Varun Wadia, “Fabricating Cortical Computers” (labs of Matt Thomson and Doris Tsao)

John Thompson, “SUGAR-seq: A New Technology for Simultaneous Glycan and Gene Expression Profiling at the Single-Cell Level” (labs of Linda Hsieh-Wilson and Lior Pachter)

Congratulations to these intrepid graduate innovators!  A graduate research symposium will be held at the end of next year where the students will present their discoveries.